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Creativity and inventiveness are the basic requirements of any business or product that wants to stand out from the competition. This is just as true for your beers, soft drinks and spirits as it is for your glasses. Glasses with an innovative design help to create an unmistakable brand identity and a unique position in the market.


digitaler Reliefdruck von Sahm

Think of a digital relief print like a 3D print. Your brand is printed onto the glass with the maximum precision and attention to detail. Absolutely suitable for catering purposes and dishwasher-safe. This process offers an infinite number of new possibilities for glass finishing.

dreidimensionale Glasveredelungen von Sahm


Until now, three-dimensional glass finishing has an individually produced glass mould that was invariably extremely expensive. This process is completely eliminated in digital relief printing, as the result of which the tactile brand experience on glass is now affordable.


There are no limits to the possibilities offered by SAHM ́s digital relief printing. We will design an exclusive, entirely individual glass for you - including in colours and entirely to your wishes. So your brand appearance and message are seen perfectly and uniquely.

digitaler Reliefdruck in Farbe von Sahm


personalisierte Gläser von Sahm

Individualisation: almost anything can be done on request. As in the example, where every glass has been personalised. Thanks to digital relief printing, we process your order in a single step.


Digital relief printing enables us to offer you endless options for customisation for every special brand appearance. Whatever the occasion - collection campaigns, special events, catering purposes - every relief is artistically produced by inkjet.

digitaler Reliefdruck per Inkjet von Sahm
Kleinauflagen von Sahm


The innovative technology of digital relief printing also makes short runs affordable. from as little as 1,000 pieces, we will produce your clearly individual, elegant brand experience, such as the certified beer sommelier goblet for the Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers.

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A glass that is simple yet strong,
clear yet classy

The new Brooklyn glass is sure to turn heads on account of its supposed simplicity alone. Combined with the right design, it becomes a canvas and a stage for communicating your brand message through form, aesthetics and texture.

Our new Brooklyn glass can do it all. Its simple form and sophisticated design make it ideal for a vast array of beverages, from beers to cocktails. Whatever it is used for, the Brooklyn glass offers exceptional stability with a low and balanced tipping point.

The only slightly conical form enables large-scale designs including those that span the entire glass. Harness the full potential of your branded glass with our relief options! Expand your brand perception to encompass an appealing and enticing texture. The relief print lends your design additional refinement and possibly even a sense of hand craftsmanship.

What’s more, the Brooklyn range offers a host of customisation options that are suitable for promotions and personalised designs.

A refreshing kick
Whenever and

What could be better than a tasty beer with friends in a convivial setting?
Like a fresh VELTINS in excellent company and the new VELTINS relief glass.

It has long been known that this Sauerland-based brewery attaches considerable importance to the glass in order to enhance the taste of its beer and present it to perfection. With this in mind, VELTINS has a glass to go with any bar or restaurant setting.

Now, the time has come for a further exclusive branded glass. The brewery did not need to look any further than SAHM, who designed the new VELTINS relief glass. This relief glass – timeless, sophisticated and stylish – is a real eye-catcher. Attention -grabbing – with extensive yet subtle branding – this on-trend glass boasts an embossed logo in the form of relief lettering with additional fine white overprinting. This extraordinary glass also features another distinctive design element in the shape of the embossed nubs found on the VELTINS designer crate. These not only accentuate the unique tactile brand experience, but also provide superb grip. Thanks to a special manufacturing technique, the glass boasts an exceptionally thin-walled rim, combined with outstanding stability and sturdiness.

The modern glass form and subtly sophisticated design immediately whet the appetite for a cool and refreshing glass of draught VELTINS.


Jack Daniel’s is the biggest-selling American brand of whiskey worldwide.
Over the past 60 years, the brand and its iconic bottle have repeatedly made their mark on pop culture in literature, art, record covers and quotations, becoming a byword for American spirits.

Creating a new designer glass for a brand of this calibre is both an honour and a challenge. The concept of a minimalist, modern design led Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey to us and our digital relief print.

Whiskey is the symbol of a way of life associated with ease, serenity and taking the time to enjoy. With unmistakeably minimalist design and modern-day aplomb, Jack Daniel’s brings this philosophy to life in an exquisite and impressive way, creating an elegant and distinctive brand experience that appeals to the sense of touch.

With our digital relief print, we add fine details and sleek designs that exude understated elegance for consummate enjoyment.

More than a

Originating from the Münster region, Three Sixty is one of the top three brands in the German premium vodka segment and is also an established market player in Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Distilled four times, Three Sixty Vodka owes its mild and velvety smooth taste to its unique diamond filtration process, with diamond dust used to filter out suspended particles down to a thousandth of a millimetre.

The signature brilliant glass bottle, with its striking facet polish and characteristic velvet label featuring sophisticated silver embossing, is the hallmark of Three Sixty Vodka.

SAHM accepted the challenge of developing an unmistakeable branded glass for Three Sixty Vodka that generates a high degree of recognition and brings the refinement of the Three Sixty premium brand to life in a multisensory way.

This elegant and exclusive glass draws on this unique design and, thanks to its glass relief, transports this haptically extraordinary brand experience to a bar and restaurant setting, with the stylish screen print rounding off the design.

Not least due to the strong appeal of long drinks, cocktails and shots in the event segment, we have also produced a reusable and high-quality plastic version of the exclusive Three Sixty branded glass in tandem with our partner Adoma.

with a modern twist

Thanks to contemporary design, state-of-the-art decoration techniques and superb craftsmanship, traditional forms appear in unprecedented splendour.

Willi glass tradition – ERDINGER Brauhaus
Savour the wow effect

The traditional brewery ERDINGER Weißbräu is expanding its portfolio with the ERDINGER Brauhaus brand, which is now available in beverage retailers across Germany with the two bottom-fermented specialities of a natural shandy and a Helles.

And they wouldn’t be the same without their own branded glass – one that conveys tradition and refinement. This classic German beer glass highlights their place in a tradition of brewing in Erding that dates back centuries. The white screen print of the ERDINGER Brauhaus logo, which extends at a slightly diagonal angle across the glass, is particularly eye-catching when the glass is full.

It not only whets the appetite for a refreshing, golden yellow ERDINGER Brauhaus Helles, but also shows that the drinker is a real beer connoisseur and expert – someone who truly appreciates the art of brewing.

Into the blue
Exquisite decoration meets
striking design

The six VILSA anniversary glasses are limited-edition collector’s items that are seldom used for drinking. They are not only souvenirs, but also designer pieces.

More than a century ago, two brothers discovered the VILSA spring in Vilsen, between Bremen and Osnabrück; its reservoir is sheltered from environmental influences by mighty layers of clay. Nowadays, VILSA is one of the market leaders in the northern German mineral water segment and enjoys a nationwide profile thanks to its sponsorship of football clubs SV Werder Bremen and Hamburger SV.

This special edition, comprising six anniversary collector’s glasses, was created to mark the 111th anniversary of the company. Our job was to finish the glasses in various shades of blue and to render the fine decoration in technically immaculate screen printing. The result speaks for itself and has given the VILSA brand a unique identity to celebrate their anniversary year.

Thanks to a full or partial finish of the glasses and customised colours, the branded items are made even more distinctive and stand out from the crowd.