Brand communication at its best

Creativity and inventiveness are the basic requirements of any business or product that wants to stand out from the competition. This is just as true for your beers, soft drinks and spirits as it is for your glasses. Glasses with an innovative design help to create an unmistakable brand identity and a unique position in the market.


Personalised Decor Design

Offer something special to your customers.
Customisable with your own theme, photo or personalised text. The possibilities are endless. Each glass has a unique design. 1000 glasses – 1000 colors.

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Glasses for Brands

Glasses are important ambassadors for your products and your brand. So it is good to have a partner at your side who is an expert in glass. At SAHM, we support you in every step of the development process from conception and design to production and logistics. We provide good ideas, creativity, expertise and years of experience.

For many years, some of the leading companies in the international drinks industry have relied on SAHM's competence in working with brands, placing their trust in our experience, technology and well-established network of production and logistics sites around the globe.

The limited Jürgen Klopp Erdinger fan glass

Markenbindung optimieren – mit den Ideen von Sahm.

Schöfferhofer + Sanwald

An opener is built into the base of the glass – great for enjoying a spontaneous beer at sundown wherever you are. Another highlight, the bottle cap in the base – an absolute eye-catcher! Enjoy and see something extraordinary. The crown cork in the base is a clever way to increase brand loyalty.

These two and many more things are possible with Sahm hollow-base glasses. This will really make you stand out from your competitors and gives you potential for a collective promotion.

The best possible retail solution: SAHM’s single packaging

Truly individual

A personalised glass with your face on it.
That's how it works:

With every promotion crate your customer receives a selfie glass as well as a code for ordering the sticker printed with his selfie – turning the glass into an unmistakable and unique piece in just a few steps.

Just leave everything to us: from creating the design for your promotion glass, providing your customers with the promotion's microsite to processing and delivering the stickers. Starting at 5.000 pieces, your personalised glass will soon be ready for a unique drinking pleasure.


Glasses are raised or offered to friends, they are filled and emptied. Now, with GlassConnect they are also scanned – opening an exciting new world. GlassConnect offers a fast and targeted way to digitally connect product and brand.

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New friendships and interesting conversations – at the bar you are a human. It's also the place where important information like »Who drinks when, what and how much« is congregated: and vanishes. Glassify addresses exactly this issue, giving you the opportunity to get to know your consumer and approach him with individual promotions where the level of activity is the highest: at the bar.

A true win-win-win situation for beverage producers, bars and consumers and for the latter – thanks to great social interactive features – good fun, too.

Imagine your glasses market your product and tell you something about your consumers' behaviour in real time. The intelligent glass enables you with a NFC chip to gather information about the consumer behaviour and to address your customers individually.

With carefully targeted promotions you boost sales and increase the brand loyalty. Using Glassify, breweries and beverage producers obtain an innovative access to their consumers directly at the bar. With these information they can directly address, reward and encourage their customers with individual offers, location-specific and in real time.