Glass design makes all the difference

Creativity and inventiveness are the basic requirements of any business or product that wants to stand out from the competition. This is just as true for your beers, soft drinks and spirits as it is for your glasses. Glasses with an innovative design help to create an unmistakable brand identity and a unique position in the market. They make people want to drink your product and prompt them to buy it.

Comprehensive expertise in conception and design coupled with a deep understanding of glass production, various grades of manufacturing quality and effective in-house decoration technology make the team at SAHM a dependable allround partner for your custom branded glasses.


SAHM. Glasses for brands

Glasses are important ambassadors for your products and your brand. So it is good to have a partner at your side who is an expert in glass. At SAHM, we support you in every step of the development process from conception and design to production and logistics. We provide good ideas, creativity, expertise and years of experience.

For many years, some of the leading companies in the international drinks industry have relied on SAHM's competence in working with brands, placing their trust in our experience, technology and well-established network of production and logistics sites around the globe.

Decorative design - Endless possibilites

The decoration of your glasses is every bit as important as your company logo. The design of the glass decoration and technique of execution can express values such as quality standards, style, tradition and modernity. In this way, an anonymous product can become a valuable brand item that actively communicates your marketing message.We will create the right glass decoration for you – not only as a manufacturer, but also as a creative brand consultant. Our team of decoration designers are at your disposal with new ideas and years of experience, helping you to get your brands into the customers' minds and your products into their stomachs.

Your glasses as a creative sales team

There is strong demand for creative ideas and innovative products in the food and drink industry, especially when it comes to promotional campaigns. Companies aim to create an incentive to buy and make their brand stand out against the competition.
At SAHM, we craft the perfect design to suit both the shape of your glasses and your campaign to drive sales. Only with the right combination of glass, decoration and packaging solutions will your drinking glasses become key brand ambassadors. Covering everything from conception and design to production and delivery, at SAHM we are a one-stop provider for all you need.

Contact us for more information, even if you have an urgent project. Thanks to our international network of production and logistics sites, our glasses are not only manufactured quickly but also brought to you on-site in a very short time.


Taste Design - Glass shape is a matter of taste

When it comes to wine, people have used individual glass designs for a long time depending on the grape variety and growing region. However, the same issue has often been neglected for other drinks such as beer and spirits. Nevertheless, the same rule applies to drinks of any type: the glass affects the taste! The shape of the glass plays a significant role in determining the optimal development of the aromas and taste of fine drinks.

A design dictated by taste!

Good taste is no mere coincidence – and as a manufacturer of drinks you understand this better than anyone. Your products are the result of more than high-quality ingredients and an intensive investment of time: they also contain care and a large amount of expertise.

But even the best beers, wines, soft drinks and spirits need the optimal conditions for their aroma to unfold fully. Apart from temperature, there is one factor that influences the smell, taste, freshness and appearance of your drink more than anything else: the shape of the glass.

Together with the renowned taste expert and world-class sommelier, Markus del Monego,we analyse the individual flavour structure, appearance, colour, smell, foam formation and foam development of every beer and then define the result using an evaluation matrix containing key parameters such as sweetness, bitterness and body.

Combined with the knowledge about the sensoric properties of particular shapes of glass, together with modern design and the best finishing and glass quality, the result is special glasses and ranges of glasses that are perfectly and individually matched to your product. We at SAHM simply call this TasteDesign®.


Our »TasteDesign®« Partner Markus Del Monego, expert gourmet and »Master of Wine«.


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Exlusive glasses - Because uniqueness doesn't come off the rack

Our large selection of high-quality glasses contains designs that have been tried and tested many times, and that have even won several awards. They are used around the world by satisfied and successful customers. However, sometimes there is a need for something completely new or unique to meet the highest demands – such as an exclusive glass that is designed and produced for your use only.


This glass is perfectly tailored to the Duckstein brand in terms of look and feel. The goblet was developed according to the TasteDesign® method and brings the best out of the brand’s aroma and taste properties.

Because only our best is good enough for the best

Leading companies in the international brewing industry rely on the brand competence of SAHM.

Because developing a modern exclusive glass covers much more than just the design of the glass and decoration. The knowledge of your market and the particular requirements placed on the function of a branded glass in terms of its sensory and functional quality play just as big a role as an effective logistics concept, which guarantees short-term availability at all times.

We accompany you during the design and production of your customised glass from the first to the last step as a competent partner.

The glass 4.0 – drink smarter in the digital world

New friendships and interesting conversations – at the bar you are a human. It's also the place where important information like »Who drinks when, what and how much« is congregated: and vanishes. Glassify addresses exactly this issue, giving you the opportunity to get to know your consumer and approach him with individual promotions where the level of activity is the highest: at the bar.

Your glass – the digital marketeer

Imagine your glasses market your product and tell you something about your consumers' behaviour in real time. The intelligent glass enables you with a NFC chip to gather information about the consumer behaviour and to address your customers individually.

With carefully targeted promotions you boost sales and increase the brand loyalty. Using Glassify, breweries and beverage producers obtain an innovative access to their consumers directly at the bar. With these information they can directly address, reward and encourage their customers with individual offers, location-specific and in real time.

A true win-win-win situation for beverage producers, bars and consumers and for the latter – thanks to great social interactive features – good fun, too.

Awards - Because good is not good enough

Our aim at SAHM is to be the best at what we do. That is why we regularly take part in the most important national and international competitions, allowing famous adjudicators to inspect the quality of our products and designs. And we frequently win awards!

Reddot Gda_nominee
Gooddesign Gda_mention

Because good design is the most elegant means to an end.

Annette Neunzig and Tobias Schroeder have created successful SAHM designs in glass, ceramic and plastic for many years. With a high level of creativity and an in-depth knowledge of material properties and production technology, they come up with successful new glass products year after year.
The various shapes and styles conceived by the pair have received numerous prizes and international recognition in the field of design, such as the Chicago Good Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award.

Annette Neunzig, who has worked as a product designer with a focus on glass design since 1985, has been a key member of the SAHM design team for the past 20 years. A number of award-winning glass designs are proof of her exceptional design expertise.
Tobias Schroeder studied Product Design (BA) at the FH Aachen and obtained a "Master of Science" degree in "Integrated Design Engineering" at Uni Madgeburg. Since 2016 he supports the creative department at SAHM.

In addition to employing an in-house team of designers in our creative workshop, we collaborate with internationally recognised designers such as Prof. Michael Boehm (Berlin), Rony Plesl (Prague) and Prof. Matteo Thun (Milan), all of whom can guarantee you will receive an outstanding glass design from SAHM.

Professor Michael Boehm, based in Berlin, is one of the most famous glass designers in Europe. In 1998 he took up his chair as professor at the Hochschule für Kunst und Design in Halle, and he also works as a successful freelance designer for many well-known brands in the industry.
Rony Plesl, based in Prague, studied at the School of Glass in Železný Brod before completing a degree in applied arts in the Czech capital. He has since completed numerous placements with the best studios in Nice, Taiwan and Milan. He does most of his work as an independent designer for large glass factories in the Czech Republic and the famous Italian manufacturers Barovier and Toso.