Glass production - Glass is not just glass

Mechanically pressed or blown? One-piece, two-piece, a pulled stem? Standard shape or a custom design? Tumbler, tankard or goblet? Colourful, clear or frosted? Special edition or a batch of millions?

There are endless possibilities

And for each option, we are able to provide the right answers, the right partners and the right production methods. As a full-service partner, we do not only conceive and manufacture a beautiful brand glass or decoration for you, but from the outset we also take care of matters such as glass ergonomics, practical constraints, technical feasibility and optimal production technology in terms of cost-effectiveness. At the end, we even stand by your side at the machine to perform quality control.

All of this entails considerable time and work. But when you and your customers are satisfied and hold your drinks in your hand to raise a toast to your new brand glass, we know that it was worth the effort.

Decoration - The face of your glass

With such an array of options, it's good that you can completely rely on the experts at SAHM when choosing the right production technology. Our designers know what looks good and what sells, but they also understand what is technically feasible and what makes sense. They can replicate your design perfectly, however you want it.


Detailed advice - Fast conversion

The decoration on your glass is every bit as important as your company logo. The design of the glass decoration and how it is executed can express values such as quality standards, style, tradition and modernity. In this way, an anonymous product can become a valuable brand item that actively communicates your marketing message. But a successful branded glass only results from a perfect symbiosis of glass and decorative design. Our decoration designers are at your disposal with new ideas and years of experience, helping you to get your brands into customers’ minds.

Thanks to our flexible, service-oriented approach, our readiness to carry out your orders and an international network of production and logistics sites, our glasses are not only manufactured quickly but also brought to you on-site in a very short time.

Decorative techniques

With so many technical possibilities when it comes to decorating your glass, it is easy to lose sight of the best option.

From transfers and manual and automatic screen printing to various coating methods and gold and platinum printing – the portfolio is diverse. Innovative decoration methods are particularly popular, such as relief prints, laser decorations and UV ink technology with its broad spectrum of colours.

SAHM disposes of a special glass hardening process. The special surface created by this makes the glass less likely to break when subjected to mechanical and thermal stress. Even glasses already tempered during the course of glass production can be individually decorated using UV ink technology at SAHM.

Let’s talk about it! And what's more, we can also manufacture large batches in a very reasonable period.


SAHM Automatic printing

Using top-quality 8-colour silk-screen lines, SAHM can rationally manufacture even complex decors. Suitable for logos and promotional decors.


SAHM Special gold or platinum

Glass decoration with valuable precious metals can ornament a company logo or the rim. Glazes with a proportion of genuine precious metals are used for this process.


Relief glass

A subtle but classy way of presenting the brand in the material glass, creating a haptic brand experience.


SAHM Frosting

By treating the glass in acidic immersion baths, the surface of the glass becomes slightly rough. A frosting effect is created that makes decors appear more velvety.


SAHM Relief Printing

SAHM relief printing is the cost-effective alternative to relief glassware. It is a way to achieve decors that appear in relief and are tangibly intriguing to the observer yet even possible in small production runs.


SAHM Thermo Colours

SAHM thermos are decorative glazes that change shades depending on how they are filled (hot or cold). This can result in some truly »enchanting« effects.


UV ink

Ecosensitive, UV-curable screen printing inks are free of any solvents and risky heavy metals. They are famous for their excellent colour brilliance which survives even hundredfold washes and allows for photorealstic illustrations.