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There is the right contact person for every sales region and company division at SAHM. Their know-how and expertise guarantee a harmonious and successful cooperation with our customers. With profound market and product knowledge our employees are specialists who are happy to assist you anytime with a friendly, personal service.

Michael Sahm
General Management
Paul Goller
General Manager Sales & Marketing
Alexandra Gröber
Office of Mr. Sahm & Mr. Goller
Head of Sales & Marketing
Eric Eiser
Commercial Director
Sales International
Nicolas Werner-Meier
Export Manager
Ryan Martin
Key Account Manager USA, Canada
Anne Lukas
Area Sales Manager Asia-Pacific, Australia, Scandinavia, Netherlands, Italy
Bianca Frink
Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Africa
Sarah Krisch
France, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Luxembourg
Anja Kreuter
Asia Pacific + Australia, Turkey, Middle East, Belgium
Laura Barth
UK, Ireland und South America
Sales National Backoffice
Andrea Kolless
Head of Backoffice
Hubertus Kowalinski
Rüdiger Hess
Hesse, Franconia, Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Southern Brandenburg
Annette Hoffmann-Blatt
Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Berlin, Northern Brandenburg, Mecklenburg Western Pomerania
Oliver Roedig
Verena Hahn
Northern Germany
Cathrin Westenberg
Sales National Representatives
Jochen Weiler
North-Germany, Key Account Manager spirits industry
Torsten Völkel
Hesse and Franconia, Rhineland-Palatinate, East-Germany, West-Germany
Michael Töpfer
IVS Salesagency
Saarland, South-West-Germany
Wolfgang Vierthaler
Bavaria and Austria
Udo Krumscheid
Key Account Manager Northern Germany, Belgium
Markus Pollerspöck
Key Account Manager Bavaria, Austria
Dennis Goller
Promotional trade, industry & ad-agencies
Sales CEE
Jaroslav Kadeřábek
Sales Director CEE, CIS Countries
Denis Barka
Slovakia, Hungary
Libor Čermák
Czech Republic
Vladimír Karásek
Key Account Manager, Czech Republic, Poland, Baltic States
Milan Radmanović
Balkans, Greece, Cyprus
Marketing & Communications
Tobias Klein
Stephanie Schmittel
Art Director
Tobias Schroeder
Product Design
Annette Neunzig
Product Design
Central Divisions
Martin Schmitz
Purchasing Manager
Uwe Sehan
Logistics Manager
Peter Hülpüsch
Finances & IT Manager
Alexandra Blanke
Human Resources Manager
Jörg Waibel
Quality, Energy and Environmental Officer