Beers made by hand with skill, care and a love of detail need to be
presented in special glasses.
Based on findings by TasteDesign®, we
develop glasses individually tailored to the flavour profile of a brand.

And with the possibilities of modern decoration technology, we can convey this
unique flavour experience to the minds of your consumers.


The special form of the new Craftsman tumbler brings out the flavours of the widest variety of beer types in a highly differentiated and multilayered way. Drinking enjoyment is guaranteed by concentrated channelling of the beer, meaning all parts of the tongue relevant to taste are met at virtually the same time. The typology and balanced character of each beer is emphasised, and a complex, full and simultaneously fresh mouthfeel is generated.

Craftsman Craftsman
54 cl
Glas-sensorik Sensorik tumbler
42 cl
Sensorik goblet
42 cl / 0,5 L


In order to make the new range tangible from the sensoric point of view and therefore objectively comparable, SAHM developed the Sensorik goblet. New: the Sensorik tumbler with the same excellent sensoric characteristics.

The goblet combines function and design in a perfect way. Following the Red Dot Design Award 2013, it was also awarded the German Design Award 2015 by the German Design Council.


The Hamburg goblet was developed by Sahm in cooperation with world champion beer sommelier Oliver Wesseloh, optimised in terms of its sensoric aspects and manufactured in top-quality crystal glass.

In addition to its special shape, the special highlight of the goblet is that the beer in the stem enables a colour comparison of beers during tasting due to its defined diameter. Thanks to the greater headspace, CO2 bubbles can take on even more flavour on the way to the nose.

Expertise and know-how for the perfect enjoyment of your beer specialities.

Glas-hamburg Hamburg
0,3 l
Glas-maxime-bruessel Brüssel
0,3 l / 0,4 l
0,3 l / 0,5 l

Maxime and BRUESSEL

Beers brewed traditionally by hand require traditional beer glass shapes. Very successful on the international craft beer scene: the Maxime and Brüssel goblet.


With its generous and slightly bulbous design, the Cleveland represents a development in the shape of traditional beer mugs.

The glass is ideal for beer, as demonstrated by it’s fine sensory characteristics: Direct comparative tests with other shapes of glass reveal that the slim and slightly closed form is outstanding for developing the aroma and taste of the beer.

Glas-cleveland Cleveland
0,2 l
Glas-american-lager American Lager
0,2 l

American Lager

With its solid and tough look our American Lager tumbler is perfect for presenting your craft beer.


The Brewhouse Tumbler combines classic and timeless beer glass design with the demands of international urban bar culture.

Its shape exhibits elements of traditional mugs whilst also standing out for its high level of practicality.

The design allows the mugs to be stacked on top of each other. The glass wall and crystallised base give the Brewhouse Tumbler sound robustness, making it particularly popular in the up-and-coming craft-beer scene for tasting speciality beers.

Glas-brewhouse Brewhouse
21 cl / 47 cl / 55 cl
Mason_craft Mason
0,3 l / 0,5 l


Only a glass that conveys a craft beer's colour, taste as well as its odour in a well-balanced way, lets you capture the various aromatic impressions in their entirety.

The elegant glass Mason, designed in the classical balloon style, allows the craft beer to develop its various aromas in a perfect balance. The glass creates therewith an extensive taste sensation and an exceptional craft beer experience.


Made with love and understanding for first-rate enjoyment.
This applies just as much to the fine craft beers from Braufactum
as it does to the exclusively developed tasting glasses by SAHM.

When searching for the perfect glass for a range of different beers,
the Internationale Brau-Manufacturen GmbH relied on the design
and specialist expertise of SAHM.