Special Mention award

Eye-catching, functional and sturdy - these features of the Brewhouse Tumbler from SAHM convinced this year's jury for the German Design Awards 2016. With the Special Mention award, the committee honors products whose design is especially innovative. This is the third award for the glass intending for the tasting of craft beers, joining the ranks of the Red Dot Design award and the Chicago Good Design award.

SAHM, as a successful provider of glasses for the beverage industry worldwide, selected the Brewhouse Tumbler, a glass from the company's own craft-beer range, as their entry for the German Design Award. And, they have been crowned with success. Effective immediately, the product from SAHM can boast the distinction of having earned Special Mention. The Brewhouse Tumbler was designed by SAHM designer Sylvia Weber and is captivating with its clear lines and timeless design. “The round body shape of the upper portion of the glass allows specialty beers to develop their aromas. The narrowing towards the base of the glass allows carbonation to be released optimally and supports the head ideally, explains Michael Sahm, Managing Director at SAHM. The sturdy glass and solid base also ensure the glass' durability. Because of its material characteristics, the stackable glass is ideal for the urban bar scene. It is also available in all European sizes from 0.2 to 0.5 liters.

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