The new way of brand communications

Glasses are raised or offered to friends, they are filled and emptied. Now, with GlassConnect they are also scanned – opening an exciting new world. GlassConnect offers a fast and targeted way to digitally connect product and brand.


Your glass as interactive brand ambassador

Take advantage of the touchpoint brand glass and offer your customer an interactive and exciting brand experience on their smartphones.

With GlassConnect you reach your customers guaranteed in the right moment, the moment of pleasure. Use the possibilities of mobile, digital communication to your advantage and treat your customers with added values and a special brand experience.

Inspire your customers!

The GlassConnect campaign glasses are decorated with a special marker that can be scanned with the app. GlassConnect is the perfect tool to boost campaigns with additional content, competitions or information.

The content and interactive options can be defined individually, designed according to your brand and are flexibly adaptable. They adjust to your brand's needs and are in line with your current campaign. Take advantage of the countless possibilities this technology offers and inspire your customers!